Hefty Movers                                        

(We're happy you found us!)

We are nearly complete with the revamp of our company.  As some of you may
know, our name has changed from Hefty Roy and Sha's Moving to Hefty Movers.  
We changed our name to reflect the expansion of our brand.  

We've added Commercially Licensed Professional drivers to our staff.  We have
a new logo, uniforms and the latest model leased vehicles.   With all that is new,
Roy and Sha are still in charge, still working to ensure that our customers receive
superior quality service, with a personal touch.  

If you're a new customer, you'll be happy you chose us for our
Fair and upfront pricing
We've been in business for over 10 years
Call our toll-free number
Who are these guys?

Hefty Roy's Moving was born when two deliverymen tried to
take advantage of my elderly parents. We specialize in
residential moves and we're expanding into commercial
relocation.  Hefty Movers serves an upscale clientele that
appreciates quality service!
Don't Wait, Call Now!

Whether you need an extra pair of hands to load/ unload your
truck or a full service move.  Give us a call, or email and find
out how easily you can afford superior quality service!  
Someone else could be reserving the date you need.  Our
schedule fills quickly so don't delay.
888 893 5423